Our Story

Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬ -

“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.”

~ McsJr/Daddy

Raising a child in today’s world is nothing short of a MIRACLE! My life immediately changed for the better 10yrs ago when my daughter (Halo) was born. As soon as the nurse put Halo in my arms, I was filled with many emotions of fear, doubt and even worry..... but when Halo and I locked eyes for the first time, in that exact moment the over powering feelings of knowing it was MY responsibility as her Father to ensure that I raise her right and protect her with my life took priority. Most importantly I realized that she was a blessing sent to me from God and it’s my humbled honor as a man to be a “Father”.

God gives us many lessons in life to teach and mature us. To me, being a Father is more than just having a child... Being a father means showing genuine love while not expecting anything in return. Being a father to me, means to effectively instill core values of being a “good person” in Halo, to educate her and to share all the things in life that will benefit her upbringing and maturity while “ACTIVELY” being involved in her life.  It is with this innate Father mentality that I knew starting our brand together would hold intrinsic value in her life.  I believe that instilling the business mindset into her everyday life at the young age of 10yrs old, she will be well equipped for success in the years to come.

We both feel that it is important to highlight and promote the beauty and importance of the “Daddy/Daughter” relationship. Our relationship is extremely special to us.  Our love for each other has proven to be beyond what words can describe. In light of our truly “Blessed” bond we believe that the perfect representation of us is “Halo’d” and has lead us to our brand name that you see today.
Halo’d”.....this is us!

~ Halo S/Daughter

My reasoning for joining forces with my Dad and bringing this brand to life is simply because I have known for as long as I could remember that I want to be more. Even though I am young, I have the desire to do great things and I believe in myself, in God and the support of my family & friends.  Even though this is a Daddy/Daughter brand, it by no means excludes Mothers and Son’s. Our brand emphasizes the relationship that my Dad and I have but it is still inclusive of the love and support I get from my Mother.