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Halo'd Apparel Pin
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Halo'd Apparel Pin

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Any hat, bag or apparel can be Halo'd! Get yours today!!  

  • Colors: Black, Gold & White
  • Size: 1"
  • Hard Enamel

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Why should you be halo'd?

Reason ONE

An everyday selection of Halos that has been styled and designed to be complementary to the trendy sneaker culture and sports fan in us all!

Reason TWO

Empowering messaging with a foundation based in promoting the message of "To be Halo'd is to be Blessed!" in our own stylish and unique designs.

Daddy Daughter Business

Loved filled Daddy~Daughter duo, that believe in bringing impactful and empowering designs to Hats & apparel that ALL can be proud of...especially Fathers and Daughters!!